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Key Roles

The key roles of Volunteering Wairarapa are:


Volunteering Wairarapa registers community organisations from the not-for-profit sector.


To register as a organisation with us, please fill in the form below. Fields marked with * are required.

Organisation name:*
Branch/project:if applicable
Physical address*
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Office hours
Aim / Mission of organisation*
Contact name:
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Email:*this email address will be the primary contact for any correspondence regarding WVC Services/volunteer referrals, etc
Board President/Chairperson
Executive Director/CEO/Manager
Person Responsible for Volunteers
How much time is spent on this role?: 0-15%    16-25%    26-50%    51-100%   
Is this person paid: Yes    No   
Full time/Part time: Full time    Part time   
Are there any KPIS for this role in their job description: Yes    No   KPI - key performance indicators
Is this role part of another role: Yes    No   
If so what is the main role(s) for this person:
In which local area(s) of the regions does your organisation offer services? Please tick as many as appropriate.
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What 'TYPE' of organisation are you? (please mark no more than two)
Animal WelfareArts/Cultural/Heritage
Disability ServicesEducation
Emergency ServicesHealth Services
Information/AdviceIwi/Maori Services
Migrant/Refugee ServicesOlder People Services
Overseas AidPacific Island Services
Social Justice/LawSocial Services
Sports/RecreationYouth/Children Services
How many paid staff are currently working in your organisation
Full time:
Part time:
How many volunteers are currently working in your organisation
Governance / Committee:
Service / Delivery:
Do you have disability access/toilet: Yes    No   
As part of your volunteer - involving programme do you ...
Have funds budgeted for your programme?
(e.g. for recruitment, training, supervision, recognition, etc):
Yes    No   
Have policies for volunteer involvement in your organisation?: Yes    No   
Have risk management policies for colunteer involvement?: Yes    No   
Provide a written role description of duties?: Yes    No   
Conduct a formal interview: Yes    No   
Provide orientation training: Yes    No   
Provide supervision for your volunteers: Yes    No   
Evaluate the volunteer's performance: Yes    No   
Review your volunteer programme's including role descrpitions annually: Yes    No   
Have insurance cover for your volunteers: Yes    No   
Reimburse volunteer expenses: Yes    No   for example: bus fares, car parking, child care, petrol
If yes please specify::
Can WVC give your organisation details to people who are undertaking court enforced community service?: Yes    No   Please note: these potential volunteers would not be formal referrals from the Wairarapa Volunteer Centre, and would not be registered as volunteers or referrals with us, but provided a list of organisations who have indicated they are willing to consider them in their current circumstances.
What are the benefits / rewards for volunteers working for your organisation? Why should volunteers choose to offer their skills/time/energy to your organisation?
What types of recognition [and when] do you offer your volunteers?
Charities Commission Registration Number:(Please note that from the 1st of July 2008 your organisation is required to be registered with the Charities Commission if you want to retain your charitable status. If you are not already registered please visit www.charities.govt.nz or phone 0508 242 748 for further information)
When does your financial year end: Change date
Financial Year Income: Under $200,000 Over $200,000 Other
Membership Fee:
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